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This is an open access server set up to allow you to learn about and experiment with CourseForum. You are free to create new courses, modify existing ones, etc. However, the contents of this server are reset weekly, so you will lose any material placed here!

Product Information: Please visit the the main CourseForum page to learn how CourseForum can help bring more interaction to your courses.

Hosting Plans: If you would like to have your courses hosted by us, whether a single course, or a full site, please see the hosting page.

Software Downloads: CourseForum can also be quickly and easily set up on your own computer. Visit our download page. There is a completely free version, or you can get a demo license to try out all the extra features in the full version.

Questions? Longer Trial? If you have any questions, or would like a longer trial on our hosting server before deciding to sign up for a hosting plan, please email support@courseforum.com.

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